Top Tips for Travelling with Kids


If you’re bravely planning your first trip away with your little ones, congratulations! It’s a milestone in itself, for someone must have told you it’s a bit like trying to herd a load of wild cats in a confined space with nothing to do for several long, long hours. But don’t let that put you off! Follow our top tips for travelling with kids to ensure your ride is as smooth and fuss-free as possible!

  • Don’t give them sweets. Resist the temptation to give them sugary treats as the last thing you want is them bouncing off the walls of the car whilst you’re carefully trying to navigate a road you don’t know!


  • Plan ahead. A bit of an obvious one, but planning ahead can help you avoid a complete meltdown on the day! If you’re heading to a new destination, plan a back-up route in case of traffic or delays. Give yourself plenty of time to get the kids settled and comfortable for their long journey. And you’ll need time for all the faffing – 4th toilet stop, anyone?


  • Prepare for the worst. A bit morbid, but again it’s the planning ahead that will give you a smoother journey. Pack wipes, water, games, a spare potty, a first aid kit… it never hurt to be over prepared where kids are involved. And don’t forget the SPF!


  • Be smart. You need to pack something to keep your kids entertained, but who has room for a million crayons that will just end up down the sides of the seats anyway? A small laptop, smartphone, or tablet will stack a huge amount of things to do, from films and games to books and learning apps. Save room and provide a million things for them to do in one go!


  • Take some friends. If you have a friend with a child at a similar age, team up and go together! Not only will this double the amount of eyes to watch over your kids, your child will have someone to play with and talk to on the journey, too. Win win!


  • Invest in a child monitor. These might be on the pricey side, but their price will be invaluable if you do happen to lose track of where your child is. They’re easy to use and effective, too, allowing you to find your child before they’ve managed to wander off too far.


  • Set the rules. Kids are bound to get frustrated and bored on long journeys, but if things get really out of hand you can always warn them of the car/aeroplane/train/bus police looking for naughty children! It might not work every time, but it may be enough to help them settle down… at least for a little while.


  • Take a break. Taking regular breaks will help you all stretch your legs, get some fresh air and move around – kids need to run and jump around to burn off their excess energy which they can’t do aboard transportation.


  • Sleepy time. Try travelling at night as there is a much higher chance they will sleep during the entire trip!


  • Enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too – not eating or resting will just result in more stress. Ensure you get plenty of sleep the night before and eat a big, hearty meal to give you enough energy throughout the day – you’ll need it! Good luck!
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