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All about Deux par Deux...

The History

Deux par deux is a Quebec label, created by Claude Diwan and Maurice Elmaleh in 1982. The brand quickly took the lead in the Canadian fashion industry and has since made a strong impact on children’s clothing throughout Europe. Deux par deux UK has been particularly successful due to the brands unique style and product offering. Deuxpardeux designs beautiful clothing for 0-36 months and 2-16 years, allowing little girls of all ages to wear the pretty designs and styles. The brand has a luxurious style, achieved through high quality fabrics and beautiful designs, ensuring the products stand out from other designer kids clothing. Deux par deux is dedicated to producing clothing of superior quality as well as providing the best possible service for its international customers.


The Style

Deux par deux clothing is flamboyant and colourful with pretty designs and prints. The clothing is comfortable, cozy and perfect for playful children. Deux par deux clothes range from snowsuits to summer dresses, providing styles for any occasion both day and night. The children’s clothes come in various colours including girly pinks and purples as well as darker shades of purple and navy, allowing the range to provide something for all preferences. The brand offers deux par deux dresses full of fun graphics and amusing details, along with accessories such as girls tights to complete an outfit. The style and quality of the clothing define the brand, making it completely unique and a must have in all little girls wardrobes.


The Product

Each season Deux per deux produce a range of clothing influenced by trends and the brands unique identity. Key products include the deux par deux snowsuit, perfect for keeping cosy and warm throughout the winter months. Deux par deux jackets and coats are also perfect for covering up, in lovely designs and fabrics. Deux par deux trousers and skirts are the perfect alternative to jeans for little girls, available in a wide range of styles that can be worn everyday or for a special occasion or party. The products are perfect for layering and are timeless in style, allowing them to be worn for as long as possible.

Deux par Deux Clothes and Kids Clothing
Deux par Deux

The Deux par Deux team has a mission to design and manufacture clothing of superior quality, decorated with amusing designs and playful messages, punctuated with sparkling colors. Made from ultra-comfortable, cozy materials, Deux par Deux fashions are perfectly suited for the active lives of children. As for their parents, Deux par Deux clothes are very easy to maintain. Painstaking care is also taken with respect to the patterns, ensuring great freedom of movement.
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  • Showing Products 1 - 18 of 18

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