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Lili Gaufrette Clothes and Kids Clothing
Lili Gaufrette

Lili Gaufrette in her bubble...

Romantic bubbles, Laces, powered colours, voiles and bucolic flowers, Lili will remain delicate and poetic.

Ethnic Bubbles, Blouses, dresses, skirts, African prints, Lili will become exotic.

Atomic Bubbles, Trimmings, kaki and metallic details, Lili will impose her "Army-chic" style.

Aquatic Bubbles,

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  • Showing Products 1 - 80 of 94

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Every girl loves Lili Gaufrette!

The History
Lili Gaufrette is a comfortable and chic fashion brand, providing stylish clothing for babies and girls. The brand offers luxury baby clothes that are designed with the specific needs of babies in mind. The girl�s range goes up to 8 years and covers a wide range of styles. Founded in 1998 by Catherine Wollner, the brand has developed into a must have fashion brand with Lili Gaufrette UK and Lili Gaufrette US receiving great success. The brands Internet presence has allowed the collections to be viewed and purchased around the world through Lili Gaufrette online sellers.

The Style
Every season the brand creates 350 styles to make up the beautiful collection for impish and independent little girls. The collections include Lili Gaufrette baby items and girls clothing. The Lili style is distinguished by natural fabrics and detailed finishing�s, making the clothing delicate and unique. Lili Gaufrette clothing collections are in a wide range of colours that change every season to match the trends and styles of the time. The style of Lili Gaufrette children�s clothing is feminine and timeless, perfect for every girl�s wardrobe. A Lili Gaufrette dress is an absolute must have for all girls who love to dress up. Lili Gaufrette baby items also follow a feminine and cute style and are made from soft and comfortable fabrics that babies can rest and play in.

The Product
The Lili Gaufrette girl�s collections are made up of timeless pieces that are revisited each season. The key products of the brand include the Lili Gaufrette coat, perfect for keeping warm and stylish. The coats and jackets are known for their high quality and interesting touches such as faux fur and reversible features. Lili Gaufrette dresses are also must have products. The collections include pink dresses and a variety of other colours suited to the season. The dresses are unashamedly girly with a simple style. Lili Gaufrette girl�s tights and leggings are another excellent Lili staple item, great for completing an outfit and keeping cosy. A Lili t-shirt is the simplest way to add a feminine and cute touch to any look, designed with ribbon details and lots of bows.