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Yporqué is the first collection of T-Shirts created specifically to stimulate the senses of babies and young children at the time when they are at their most receptive. This product range from Spain has been especially created for the young children who love asking one question: Yporqué? Why?

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Yporqué was created recently by three women from Barcelona: the diversity of they own backgrounds (an advertiser, a designer and a psychological lawyer) goes some way to explain the originality of their products.
We liked this innovative and funny concept associated with their very nice design. Yporqué brings fun to clothes and offers the opportunity for children to play with their top wherever they go! You can bet they will be so pleased to show their friends something very original and unique...

For young children (1-3 years) the following product range of stimulating T-shirt is available:
• ‘Listen to me’ t-shirts make sounds that are aimed to help children relate these sounds to corresponding objects and animals. (This concept is exclusive to Yporqué and has been registered by the brand as a utility model.) The green bicycle on the black T-shirt is one of our favourites
• ‘Touch me’ t-shirts are textured and are aimed to help children begin distinguishing the real textures of different animals. Have a look at the seahorse T-shirt for girls: an original animal to be described to small children with a funny texture for them to feel!
• ‘Lying me’ t-shirts have a fluorescent moon on them to show children when it’s time to go to sleep!


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